Lil Dog DX Wood Stove

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  •  Dimensions: 11” wide x 12 3/4 “ tall x 20” long , 1.625 cf fire box
  • Weighs 37.5 LBS. Stove pipe adds an additonal 6-8 lbs depending on options
  •  Will heat up to a 10’ x 12’ wall tent, or 12’ x 12’ pyramid tent at –30 below
  •   Not too big for a 8' x 10' wall tent and not too small for 10' x12' wall tent.
  •  5" flue opening at top of stove for 5" stove pipe
  •  4" 1/2" oval insert works best for stove pipe insert in tent
  •  Includes transport handles and one removable side shelf
  •  8" removable legs to keep your heat down where it belongs 
  •  Welded heavy-gauge hot-rolled steel construction
  •  Airtight fiberglass gasketed door
  •  Large fire box, baffled to reduce heat loss & aid in cooking
  •  Suitable for wood or charcoal
  •  Excellent cook stove
  •  Painted black with high temperature stove paint
  •  Will hold a fire all night
  •  Legs, stove pipe, & side shelf store in fire box for transport
  •  Excellent for wall tents, tipis, yurts & canvas tents.

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