Big Dog DX Wood Stove

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The Big Dog! The largest stove we offer. This stove is based off of the original "4" Dog sized stove by Don K. at Four Dog Stove Co.

This stove is 12x15x24, weighs approx. 55lbs and will heat a 14x16 wall tent in sub-zero temps. Carry weight will vary depending on stove pipe and side shelf options. 

Made with a gasketed door and baffled fire box just like all of our stoves, this insures the best heat control and efficiency of any stove out there.

With a 5 inch stove flue, there are several stove pipe configurations available for most applications.

Each stove comes with 1 side shelf and 1 set of removable legs and transport handles. 

Pipe, shelf and legs all fit inside the stove for easy transport. 


Please keep in mind when ordering, that we are a 2 person small business that does it all ourselves. We are not Amazon or Walmart. We drop ship once a week due consolidate our orders. Our products are made by hand, in our shop and we do the best we can to deliver in a timely manner. We appreiciate the patiance and your business!