Reflector Oven

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New from A Metal Werks is our reflector oven. 

It features a large cooking area (10x18 inside) for meals both large and small. It also allows the use of a standard ¼ sheet pan. Creating opportunities to cook a wide variety of meals on the trail.

Top opening door allows access to the food in the oven, opposite the heat source, whether stove or fire.

Made in Minnesota from 5052 aluminum and 304 stainless steel.

the hem formed edges are not only aesthetically pleasing but add strength and rigidity to the oven.

It has a free standing design. No need to find something to lean the oven against, in front of the fire, like some lesser ovens on the market.

Stove attachment! This oven design allows it to be hung on the side of our Dog Model and Mule Model stoves allowing you to bake in any condition. May work with other stoves on the market as well.

With its tab and slot design, it packs flat for easy carry and ssembles in a few minutes without any tools. 

Each Trail Oven comes with a convienant carry bag for its componants with a packed size of approx. 12x13 and weighs approx 7.5 lbs. 

Please keep in mind when ordering, that we are a 2 person small business that does it all ourselves. We are not Amazon or Walmart. We drop ship once a week due consolidate our orders. Our products are made by hand, in our shop and we do the best we can to deliver in a timely manner. We appreiciate the patiance and your business!