DK Mule 1

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Introducing the new DK Mule 1. A new hybrid Steel/Titanium stove on the market. This stove was designed by Don Kevilus at Four Dog Stove Company and is being built by A Metal Werks.

This stove Features a 22 Ga. (.035) (.7 MM) mild steel fire box (9.75x9.75x17) with integral folding legs, featuring a Titanium baffle and Titanium false bottom. You get the cost effectiveness of mild steel and the robustness of Titanium where it counts. The Baffle and the bottom of the stove generally sees the most heat and those componants benefit the most from Titanium construction.

Like other Four Dog stoves, the Mule 1 uses 16 inches X 4 piece, reverse taper ( 3 inch to 4 inch) nesting pipe (60 inches total) , a Titanim slip fit damper and 1 side shelf.  This stove weights approx 22+ lbs with the pipe and 1 side shelf. 

If additional pipe length is needed, choose the 120 inch option.